Build your Arsenal

The corrupted machines known as Immortals have attacked the human species. The only thing standing in their way are the mighty mechs known as Arsenals. Use anything you can get your hands on to customize your Arsenals—and yourself—to turn to tide of battle and save the day.

Suit up

Your Arsenal’s not the only thing that can be customized. Take a trip to The Lab to change your appearance, gender, suit colors, and more. You can even upgrade your body to improve your physical combat abilities, learn new skills, and enhance your Arsenal’s overall potential.

The Hanger

The Hanger is where mercenaries can access new missions, upgrade and customize their Arsenals, get body modifications, and more.


Four serves as a sort of computerized “boss” for the team, providing training and dispatching missions. If you have questions—or just want to grab a mission—be sure to visit Four’s hub in The Hanger.

The Lab

Your Outer can be enhanced in the lab through surgical body modifications, which can also improve your Arsenal’s abilities. You can also change your Outer’s appearance here.

The Factory

Develop new Equipment by acquiring new components, blue prints, and battle data.

Ice Cream Parlor

The Hanger’s most popular hangout. The Ice Cream here really gives Outers a boost!

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