The future of
mech-action games is here

Defeat deadly robots using your Arsenal.

Arm your mech with a multitude of weapons, then grab some more from downed enemies and swap them on the fly. You’ll need everything you’ve got to face ever-changing threats that may bring the end of the world.


Arsenal Combat 101

In order to defeat the enemy and defend the planet, you’ll need to master your mech. Fast.

Luckily, we’ve got the intel you need to start off with a bang.

Choose your weapons

Blaze into battle with a variety of weapons like rifles, shotguns, machine guns, and blades.

Grab that loot

Salvage valuable parts and weapons from defeated enemies and equip them in the heat of battle.

Weaponize your surroundings

Grab debris on the field like abandoned vehicles and chuck them at enemies—or blast them for explosive results!

The power of Femto

An element of change.

After the disaster, a strange new element called Femto was discovered. This material contains a huge amount of energy which seems to enhance both humans and machines.

When you collect enough Femto, you can use Femto Armaments to temporarily enhance your offense, defense, speed, or even to create a powerful mirage.

Know your HUD


Humans who were exposed to Femto and obtained special abilities are known as Outers. Most become mercenaries, as they are the only ones strong enough to pilot the mighty Arsenals.

Free yourself

Sure, it’s a blast to fly around in a giant battle suit and blow stuff up, but sometimes you need to stretch your legs and think outside the mech. Exiting your Arsenal and fighting in the open can be risky, but there are certain tactics that can only be done on foot.

Improve your outlook

Through body modification, Outers can further improve their abilities, fighting skills, and even enhance their Arsenal’s overall potential.

Recruit your crew

You’ll meet other mercenaries along the way. Team up with them to form an unstoppable mech army.


Team up and terminate

Up to three other players* can team up with you to take on enormous bosses and rival mercenaries in co-op missions. Need more players for your team? Recruit some in-game characters to help out!

VS Play Mode

Grab your Arsenal and face off against players from across the globe* in 1vs1 battles or 2vs2 tag matches. Choose from your Friend List or take part in a Ranked Match and see how you stack up against the world.

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